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Blooms - No BS - 3 things to keep in mind

How to AVOID this reaction with education and grace. Because ^^^ is avoidable.

Common misconceptions the wedding industry would like you to believe, but just are not true for our everyday brides and grooms...

  1. The more you have, the cheaper it will be. - FALSE (unless you are planning for a $50k+ flower bill and over $500k wedding.) Professional florists do not get a quantity break to make a significant impact, until we are in the hundreds to thousands of grower bunches for one type of bloom (no, 5 different color roses do not count.) A grower bunch of standard roses for instance is 25 stems.

  2. Greenery is less expensive than flowers. - FALSE there is one type of greenery that is cheaper than a carnation... baker's fern which does not hold up well in personal flower work (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.).

  3. A wildflower bouquet will be cheaper than roses. - FALSE Wildflower bouquets are not cheaper than roses, or even carnations for that matter. Peonies, Dahlias, and other flowers normally pictured and discussed in the bridal magazines, online forums, etc. are actually, in fact, premium flowers that are flown in from California, Alaska, Holland & Japan and often come in shattered, meaning florists have to order 3-4 times what we normally would for other flowers.

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